Easing Your Anxiety through Journaling

Updated: Apr 27

Yesterday I woke up with a good amount of anxiety that seemed to come out of nowhere. If you struggle with anxiety or identify as a chronic "worrier", I'm sure you've had those days too.

My anxious thoughts were consuming me to the point that I knew I couldn't ignore them. Even as a meditation guide and the founder of an online wellbeing space, I too struggle with anxiety (it's just part of being human!) and I'm grateful to have tools to support me in navigating these feelings and shifting into a more peaceful state of mind.

So, I decided to take out my Journey Home journal for a much-needed "worry journaling" sesh. Taking 10 minutes to journal on and feel the emotions swirling through my mind left me feeling a million times lighter and allowed me to move forward with my day more at ease.

The next time you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed by your thoughts, open up your Journey Home journal and try out the Manifest House method for worry journaling:

Gentle reminder: journaling is not a replacement for professional support, and we strongly advocate for therapy for all. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis or having suicidal thoughts please call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or visit their Online Live Chat.

1. Check-In With Yourself:

What emotion(s) are you feeling? Obviously, anxiety may be one, but are there others? Circle one of the emotions illustrated at the top of the JHJ and/or write in the ones that resonate with you. No need to overthink it.