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Workplace Wellness

Give your team or organization the gift of self-care. We offer private events and memberships customized to the needs of your group. Every offering is virtual and designed to help your employees feel their best.


You value your employees.
Show them you care

Allow them time to replenish their minds, bodies and spirits so they can return feeling refreshed - for themselves, their families, customers and community.

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The Impact

By partnering with Manifest House and offering our wellbeing experiences to your employees, you'll:

Keep your team healthy, focused and above all -- connected.

Give them the support they need to successfully care for their mental health.

Support a mission-driven and Latina-owned business

Show that your team’s wellbeing matters to you

Boost overall happiness and productivity

Increase employee morale

Connect and be together as a team outside of work

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Please fill out a form to inquire about a workplace wellness experience and/or membership for your group. We look forward to curating an amazing offering with your specific needs in mind!

What clients are saying


What clients are saying

Meditating on Bed

"Our high-growth startup team needed ways to avoid or address burnout and find the tools to recenter."

They needed to prioritize spending time doing what was most important to them away from work. Manifest House offered an accessible, affordable, and welcoming program to take the first step. We participated in a private, 90-minute Self Care workshop with Angelee that gave space for team members to reflect and make a plan for wellness. Individuals could openly participate, or do so more privately - all up to their level of comfort. Angelee is a calming presence and a human who understands how burnout feels, and importantly, some straight-forward steps to address it. This is great for small groups or teams - and I'd personally plan to take a workshop quarterly to keep positive momentum.

"It was pure joy working with Angelee and her team!"

Her attention to detail, warmth, and intentionality truly helped us curate a beautiful set of workshops for our community. She even connected us to an incredible local photographer who has become our go-to for future gatherings. I couldn't have asked for a better creative partner and am excited to share her gifts with our community as we continue to expand beyond Phoenix.

Writing a Diary

"Angelee was able to facilitate an AMAZING session for our organization. Throughout the planning process I was able to meet with Angelee as she planned and executed the session so perfectly. Angelee is able to create a safe space for participants to communicate and participate in the session. It was exciting to see over 50 people working on selfcare together! Thank you Angelee, I can not wait to work with you again in the future!"


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