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A meaningful addition to your self-discovery practice from Angelee Andorfer-Lopez, creator of the Manifest House wellbeing space.


Infuse your journaling practice with deep reflection and self-love with the Journey Home journal. Through a combination of guided and free-write pages, you’ll be cultivating introspection, self-awareness, and gratitude on your way back home to yourself. 


Just like healing, this journal exists in constant evolution with you. You’ll leave its pages feeling more yourself. Rather than the prompts printed inside the book, you’ll receive access to journal prompts texted weekly and directly to your phone. This journal is unlike any other and will serve as a safe place to record your thoughts, discoveries, and moments of divine guidance. Invest in yourself starting now.


  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: With a matte paperback cover and warm, hand-drawn illustrations, this journal is lightweight and easy to take with you anywhere. It makes a gorgeous and thoughtful gift or self-purchase and comes in a black and white edition as well as a color version. For anyone looking to add to their journal collection, this is a must-have.

  • MULTI-USE: With inspired prompts texted to you every week, you can pick and choose based on YOUR personal needs (i.e. there are pages to free-write and access to guided prompts through our text opt-in). With a simple yet elegant format, this journal makes it easy to check in with yourself, set intentions, practice gratitude, and carve out dedicated time for self-care.

  • VALUABLE CONTENT: Guided by the author’s life experience and personal healing journey, each journal prompt is channeled and allows for deep reflection on topics like boundaries, relationships, emotions, joy, anxiety, life values, and more. When signing up for text journal prompts you’ll also receive occasional rituals, wellness practices, uplifting affirmations, and special virtual event reminders.


The Journey Home journal is perfect for:

  • Those looking to deepen their self-care or journaling practice

  • Fans and members of Manifest House

  • Anyone prioritizing their mental health and wellbeing

  • People at the beginning of their own healing journey

Journey Home: A Guided Journal for Your Journey Home to Yourself

  • Ellebe11e - 5 Stars | Perfect for getting back into my journaling practice

    I am so pleased with the Journey Home journal! I wanted to get back into journaling but always feel like it's hard to pick up. I signed up to receive a weekly prompt through the creator of the journal (Manifest House) and it has made it so easy (and fun!) to get back into writing. Two pages for journaling with a prompt makes it low pressure. When I am feeling anxious and in my head, I can jot down what I am thinking and identify what is causing the stress/anxiety. Strongly recommend the Journey Home Journal!


    Leilani - 5 Stars | Perfect journal for everyone

    Obsessed with this journal! Not only is the design BEAUTIFUL, the journal prompts that you get access to are really powerful. Receiving a new prompt texted to me every week has really helped me stay accountable to journaling. Love love love!


    Alexandra Hartwick - 5 Stars | Simple & Lovely

    I love the simple structure that allows this journal to meet you where you are. A wonderful practice and space for yourself.


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