7 Ways Plants Can Support Your Healing

Here at Manifest House, we believe that nature has so much wisdom to share with us -- we just need to slow down enough to listen! We asked Jen Venegas, a queer non-binary writer, plant-lover, and bruje to share with us how plants can support our healing journeys.

Plants have a special place in my heart and life because of the ways that they can support our personal healing journeys. I have studied plants in an educational setting but also gained wisdom through my ancestral lines. Plants have always played a role in my family’s life, from my grandfather and my uncles picking grapes in the central valley of California to my grandmother tending her geraniums in her backyard when I was growing up.

Throughout this process, I have realized that caring for plants is beneficial for the mental and physical health of so many people. Here are some wonderful ways I have found that plants can support you in your spiritual healing.

1. Self-Soothing:

Self-soothing is vital to our ability to manage intense emotions. While there are many ways to self-soothe, some of my favorites include talking to your houseplant, or even playing music for it!

2. Mindfulness:

Taking a walk through your garden and smelling the different flowers or sages or touching the fuzzy leaves of your kalanchoe can take you out of your mind and into your senses. Consider plants that will engage your senses in different ways!

3. Learning to Listen:

Another way to take us out of our own struggles is to learn to listen to our plants. Listening to our plants is an act of love. Learning to care for them is an act of love. And yet, some plants, like a snake plant or cast iron plant, can tolerate a little n