Our Why

At Manifest House, we believe that womxn deserve to rest. Society demands so much from womxn; we're increasingly both the primary caretaker and breadwinner in many households, and we take care of everyone but ourselves. Manifest House exists to create a space where womxn can care for all aspects of ourselves - mind, body & spirit. 


Four years ago I was living life on autopilot. I had the career success yet I was completely burnt out, anxious, and unfulfilled. After experiencing a period of serious depression I finally started therapy after years of putting it off due to the stigma that often exists in communities of color. Therapy was the catalyst for my self-healing journey. I started practicing gratitude, yoga and meditation and since then I've never looked back. I'm passionate about self-care, connecting people, and building authentic communities; creating Manifest House has been a dream come true!

Angelee Andorfer-Lopez, Founder

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