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Women take care of everyone around them, yet 60% say the one person they never have enough time for is themselves. This can lead to physical, mental and emotional struggles, and the truth is that 1 in 8 women experience depression. For BIPOC women and femmes this is compounded by a lack of access, resources, and cultural stigma regarding seeking mental health help. That’s why it’s crucial that they don’t have to go at it alone.


At Manifest House, our mission is to help women and femmes care for all aspects of themselves unapologetically. We place community at the center because we know that having others share in the journey is priceless. While there are plenty of online wellness studios that exist, few offer a true sense of community along with access to multiple healing modalities at an affordable price point. 

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About our founder

After building a successful early career, I realized I was living my life on autopilot. I had the career success yet was completely burnt out, anxious, and unfulfilled. After experiencing a period of serious depression, I decided to begin therapy. This was life changing for me, as I had put it off for so many years due to the stigma that often exists in the Latinx and other communities of color.

Therapy was the catalyst for my self-healing journey. It led me to dive deep into practicing gratitude, yoga, and meditation. Yes, I was improving my wellbeing, but most importantly these practices led me back home to myself. 

In 2020, I felt my community deeply hurting, so I took the leap and created Manifest House, a space I felt was missing in the broader wellness industry. I'm incredibly passionate about mental health, self-care, accessibility and inclusivity in wellness, and building authentic communities. Creating Manifest House has been a dream come true, and I feel lucky to share this space of healing with those need it.

- Angelee (she/hers)


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