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We are a spiritual self + collective care membership where BIPOC women and allies heal and grow together.

Through intentional gatherings and a virtual village that share similar lived experiences, Manifest House empowers you to cultivate a sustainable wellbeing and spiritual practice that helps you feel seen, held, and well through every season of life.

How it works

Membership enrollment opens four times per year at the start of each new season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall). Each season you'll receive a copy of our member ritual journal, With Intention, shipped to your home to support your seasonal practice.

Guided Intention Setting

We'll kickoff the season together in a live-stream gathering where you'll get crystal clear on your wellness goals for the quarter, craft personalized intentions, self-care commitments, and much more. This member-favorite event is sure to leave you feeling clear, inspired, and refreshed.

Weekly Practice

Embody your wellbeing and expand your spiritual practice in our 13+ live events each month taught by expert instructors from all over the country. Events cover a variety of ancient healing modalities and practices like meditation, sound baths, EFT, and more.

Group Accountability

You'll be paired with three other like-hearted members (soul-care allies) for connection & gentle accountability throughout the season. This part is optional, but highly encouraged.

End of Season Reflection

Before transitioning to a new season you'll bask in all of your growth during our collective "integration week". You'll be encouraged to unplug, spend time in nature, relax, and disconnect from technology.

In our modern world, we’ve become so disconnected and overstimulated. By slowing down, becoming aware of your needs, and creating space to go inward, you can start to feel a shift in your life -- into a state of deep connectedness to your innate worthiness. At Manifest House, we believe that you deserve to be cared for, too.


Each Quarter You’ll receive:

13+ live-stream healing events every month so that you can finally be more consistent with your self-care practice

Monthly workshop with incredible soulful + embodied experts so that you can learn more about your true self and live in better alignment and flow.


Member Ritual Journal  shipped to your home so that you'll always stay on track and start each season, month, and day with intention, clarity, and gratitude.


Summer Solstice Opening Ceremony and Midseason Check-in where you will experience the magic that happens when women heal in community in alignment with the rhythms of nature.


Soul-Care Allies, an optional mini-group where you’ll be paired with three other like-hearted members so you have the friendships & gentle accountability you've been seeking.

Access to our library of 300+ past class and workshop recordings so that you can easily fit self-care and spirituality into your busy lifestyle.

Private network and a community where you truly belong so that you can build lifelong friendships and find your soul family.

Membership Plans




Charged monthly

Unlimited events to all live-stream events, replay library, and membership perks


Transform Annual


Charged annually, two months free

Unlimited events to all live-stream events, replay library, and membership perks PLUS two months FREE

Pricing Plans

What members are saying


"My Manifest House membership has been been a game-changer in my mental health and self-care journey."

I'm someone who requires routine & planning, and being able to schedule wellness events ahead of time, have them in my calendar, AND show up from the comfort of my home is everything!! Every event I've attended is 10/10, from yoga to breathwork, ancestral healing, journaling and meditations. I always feel on cloud 9 after the classes. My anxiety has declined and I feel more in tune to myself and my own healing journey. I recommend this membership to everyone, whether you think you need it or not, I'm telling you that you do! The community of women is also incredible. I've instantly felt accepted and welcomed in every class. The facilitators are truly experts in their fields. I look forward to these classes every single week."


"Trust me, this will be the best decision you've ever made!"

Prior to joining Manifest House - I found wellness programs to be exclusionary (very expensive and lacking diversity in its community of members). As a BIPOC woman, I truly feel seen and supported within the community Manifest House has cultivated. There is an excellent array of programing to choose - from yoga to meditation, astrology to tarot, etc. The beauty of fully virtual programming is that I have the flexibility to join classes wherever and whenever I choose.  Highly recommend this membership to anyone who is looking for a way to prioritize their mental and physical well-being and join a community of amazing individuals.

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"Having a membership at Manifest House has added so much value to my life and growth."

I get so much out of all the healing workshops, yoga classes, and self-care practices that this has become a must have membership for me. I am very grateful to have access to this space and I could not recommend it more!"


30-day money back guarantee


We are so sure that you are going to love your experience as a member that if you aren't completely satisfied within your first month, we'll give you a full refund. You have absolutely nothing to lose. Conditions apply, see the Frequently Asked Questions section for all the details. 

Summer graphic - Introducing.png

Summer 2023 Program

Every quarter our thoughtful programming is refreshed and designed to help you embrace the new season with ease. The membership portal is only open for a limited time, and you’ll get immediate access to the membership perks after purchase. Save the date for our Opening Ceremony on the Summer Solstice where we’ll reflect on spring and set our intentions for the upcoming season.

While we are each in different seasons of life, this Summer we’ll collectively anchor into a supportive theme each month:







averie-woodard-WsSdUPXVb4M-unsplash (1).jpg

Summer Workshops

We bring incredible topics to the membership every month led by experts (so that you don’t have to go out and find them yourself!)


Living By the Moon


To be announced


To be announced

This membership is for you if...



You're ready to peel back the armor & begin (or go deeper) on your healing and spirituality journey.

Image by Ronny Sison
marcos-paulo-prado-TncNW-4XUkM-unsplash (1).jpg


You're ready to finally start showing up for yourself by inviting in time for stillness, relaxation, and reflection.



You don’t want to limit yourself to just one type of healing (meditation, breathwork, etc) and have been searching for a membership where you can try different wellbeing modalities all in one place.

Reading Outdoors


You are yearning for a wellness community that fights against injustice, racism, white supremacy, colonization, and the cultural appropriation of your ancestral practices.



You're a woman of color and you've been searching for a truly safe space where you feel seen, your peers share similar lived experiences, your instructors represent you, and where you BELONG.


Member Ritual Journal:

You'll receive a guided journal so you'll never get lost. Use it to create intentions and track your progress within seasonal, monthly, and daily ritual pages. This is a members-only exclusive guided workbook designed to accompany your membership.

Each seasonal guidebook will feature one-of-a-kind cover artwork by a BIWOC (Black, Indigenous, and Woman of Color) artist.

The Summer 2023 artist is Jocy Banks @jocydoesart


This guidebook is NOT available for purchase outside of the membership.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is wellbeing?
    Wellbeing is being comfortable, healthy, or happy. In this state we experience balance in body, mind, and spirit and feel connected to purpose, people, and community.
  • Who can join Manifest House?
    Our membership is a safe, inclusive space open to all women, non-binary, femmes, and every queen in between. If you identify with and feel comfortable in spaces that center the feminine experience, then you are welcome here.
  • Is Manifest House therapy?
    No, Manifest House is not a replacement for therapy with a mental health professional. We are, however, a nice complement to therapy as mental health is weaved in to many of our membership and group events. We even host events with therapists every so often! If you’re experiencing an emergency and need immediate help, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. Suicide Prevention Lifeline + 1-800-273-8255 Crisis Text Line Text HOME to 741741
  • I'm an instructor or facilitator and want to share my offerings with Manifest House. How can I do that?
    We'd love to hear from you! Please fill out the contact form and include information about yourself, your offerings and your website if you have one. We'll get back to you within a few days about next steps.
  • How do I cancel my membership?
    You can cancel your membership at any time by logging in to the website, navigating to "My subscriptions" (at the dropdown in the top right corner), and selecting "cancel membership".
  • Do you offer refunds?
    No refunds for memberships or live events are offered at this time.
  • How long will I have access to my scholarship once granted?
    To ensure we are helping as many people as possible, scholarships are for a 6 month membership. After the 6 month period is over, you are welcome to reapply!
  • Who is the membership open to?
    Our membership is a safe, inclusive space open to all women, non-binary, femmes, and every queen in between. If you identify with and feel comfortable in spaces that center the feminine experience, then you are welcome here.
  • What is included in the free membership?
    Scholarship recipients receive a free 6 month Community membership to Manifest House. The membership includes: 3 live-stream events per week like yoga, guided meditation, breathwork, and more. 1-2 live workshops each month with incredible soulful + diverse facilitators Soul Care Club, our community journaling + discussion circle Members-only connection events like mixers and book clubs Intentional healing practices to help you grow on your own like rituals, journal prompts, affirmations and more Access to our library of past class and workshop recordings Private network to connect with other members outside of social media
  • Can I schedule a private event for my friends, family or group?"
    Yes of course! We'd love to curate a private class, workshop, or discussion circle for your group. Please fill out the contact form with your vision and we'll get back to you within a few days. If you're a company or organization, Be sure to check out our "Workplace Wellness" page for more info!

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About Your Guide

After building a successful early career, I realized I was living my life on autopilot. I had the career success yet was completely burnt out, anxious, and unfulfilled. After experiencing a period of serious depression, I decided to begin therapy. This was life changing for me, as I had put it off for so many years due to the stigma that often exists in the Latinx and other communities of color.

Therapy was the catalyst for my self-healing journey. It led me to dive deep into practicing gratitude, yoga, and meditation. Yes, I was improving my wellbeing, but most importantly these practices led me back home to myself. 

In 2020, I felt my community deeply hurting, so I took the leap and created Manifest House, a space I felt was missing in the broader wellness industry. I'm incredibly passionate about mental health, self-care, accessibility and inclusivity in wellness, and building authentic communities. Creating Manifest House has been a dream come true, and I feel lucky to share this space of healing with those need it.

- Angelee (she/hers)


Hi, I;m Angelee!

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What members are saying

Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 12.17.24

"Manifest House popped up in a time in my life that helped provide clarity and guidance - something I wasn’t expecting and that I am forever thankful . On top of the classes and workshops, the price is unbeatable for the quality and quantity of what the House has to offer. I do highly recommend MH to anyone from someone who’s on a new journey of self discovery/self care to those who have that have those routines and practices down. I can promise you, you won’t regret it."

Mary L. (she/hers)

Our Community Agreements

and join us!

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Wellness is a birthright, which is why we operate on a community-funded model.  Full and partial scholarships are available if finances are a barrier. Apply today!

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Access from anywhere

The best part about our membership is that you can access everything from the comfort of your home. Join the community today and get access to our app so you can tap in to all your membership perks right from your phone.