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Meet the Bad*ss Healers of Manifest House

As we close out Women’s History Month we are thrilled to highlight some of the badass women who inspire us each and every day here at Manifest House. We feel honored to work with such amazing teachers, facilitators, and healers who are committed to helping us co-create a safe space for women of color and allies to practice radical self-care. We would not be who we are without them and we are eternally grateful that they choose to share their light with our community!


1. Danielle Lyles Barton | Workshop Facilitator

Danielle (she/hers) is a womb worker and a birth + postpartum doula and was our facilitator for the March community workshop “Spiritual Spring Cleaning: Blooming All Over” (if you missed it, the replay is available to members). She's launching a new cohort of “When She Blooms” in April 2021; a program for trauma survivors who are ready to reclaim their power, sensuality, and deep joy.


2. Francesca Valarezo | Meditation Teacher

Francesca (she/hers) is a yoga instructor, meditation guide and shamanic reiki practitioner with 10+ years of experience. Francesca guides a weekly meditation circle every Tuesday evening at Manifest House from her home base in Brooklyn, and she'll be leading our April workshop on restorative yoga and spirit guide meditation. Francesca has a unique ability to meet you where you're at - whether you've been meditating for days or years. She's also the creator of Shamanek Course, a 4-week energy balancing virtual course for self-healing.


3. Erinne Brown | Workshop Facilitator

Erinne (she/hers) is a well-being coach and advocate in Chicago. Erinne led an Unapologetic Boundaries workshop for the membership last year (replay available!). She is the genius behind the Thrive Collective, a three-month program for womxn focusing on supporting and encouraging one another to build healthy boundaries and step into their power. She creates webinars and blog content on different topics such as empowered wellness and the importance of boundaries.


4. Alexandra Duran | Breathwork Facilitator

Alex (she/hers) is one of our breathwork instructors located in Florida. Her breathwork for beginners class is perfect for those new to their breathwork practice. She creates a safe and nurturing space to reconnect with yourself and release narratives we hold in our body. Alex is also the founder of Grounded in Color which was inspired by her visions of color during breathwork and meditation. Through her business she shares her gift and knowledge on these topics so that others may achieve overall wellbeing.


5. Anea Michelle | Yoga Teacher

Anea (she/hers) is a yoga teacher, plant fanatic and coffee drinker living in Austin and advocating for more inclusive yoga spaces for every body type. Anea's sweet energy is contagious! You can find her at Manifest House teaching Slow Flow Yoga, which includes restorative movements and poses accessible to all.


6. Christine Lu Singh | Breathwork Coach

Tine (she/hers) has taught breathwork classes and workshops at Manifest House. Based in San Francisco, she's also a reiki facilitator who's passionate about supporting people on their healing journeys. Christine is the author of the Rising Sisterhood Book and is also a new mama! We love following her motherhood journey and can't wait to have her back at the House.


7. Kiara Boyd | Yoga Teacher

Kiara (she/hers) is a life coach, yoga instructor, reiki healer and advocate for Black wellness based in Phoenix. She offers several virtual and in-person offerings and you can also catch her at Manifest House several times a month for Rise and Renew Yoga. In this morning class Kiara melds meditation and yoga and always leaves us feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.


8. Lena D. Meyer | Workshop Facilitator

Lena (she/hers) is our resident "intuition expert". She's based in Seattle and led a workshop at the House in January on Setting Soulful Intentions (replay available in the membership). Lena is a top-ranked transformational life coach and owner of Gratitude6, an online space offering 1-1 life coaching, group events and networking events.


9. Jasmine RaShae’ | Yoga Teacher

Jasmine (she/hers) is based in Seattle and is the creator of Soulful Flow Yoga. She teaches vinyasa yoga classes for all levels that combine mindfulness, movement, and soulful music with a mission to provide representation for communities of color. Stay tuned for more offerings with Jasmine at Manifest House and in the meantime, check out her upcoming Crystals + Chakras Virtual Yoga + Wellness workshop on April 24.


10. Liz Andolong | Reiki and Restorative Yoga Teacher

Liz (she/hers) is a reiki master and intuitive embodiment guide with an affinity for moon gatherings and passion for empowering every body. She's based in San Francisco and leads Restorative and Reiki at Manifest House, a slow-paced class helping you receive the rest that is your birthright.

Manifest House is a virtual wellbeing space rooted in community that helps women of color and allies come back home to themselves. Everyone's self-healing journey is unique; our offerings exist to provide resources, guidance, and community to help women care for all aspects of themselves unapologetically. Members receive a monthly abundance including live-stream yoga classes, guided meditations, monthly workshops, discussion circles, and more.

Interested in joining our virtual wellbeing membership or teaching at Manifest House? Visit our website at for all the deets!


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