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Manifest House



A place to come back home to yourself


Your self-healing journey is unique. Manifest House exists to provide the resources, guidance and community to help you navigate your path. Our live-stream wellbeing events make it easy to care for all aspects of yourself -- mind, body, and spirit. Access everything by joining our membership for BIPOC women and allies, book private workshops for your company or team, or attend a single event by booking a day pass. Wherever your heart leads you, we look forward to meeting you at the House.


Come back home
to your


As a member you'll get...


Virtual Membership

We’re a virtual wellbeing space rooted in community. We help women and non-binary people, especially those of color, care for all aspects of themselves unapologetically. If you've been searching for a truly safe space where you feel seen, your peers share similar lived experiences, your instructors represent you, and where you belong...welcome home.


Workplace Wellness

Give your team or organization the gift of self-care. We offer private virtual events customized to the needs of your group. Experience Manifest House and allow your employees time to replenish their minds, bodies, and spirits so they can show up as their best - for themselves, their families, customers and community.

What members are saying


"I truly love the wellbeing space and healing services Manifest House provides. You come into the session entirely as you are, fully supported by amazing members, and truly guided by some of the best diverse wellness instructors, healers, and leaders. Don't hesitate on joining! This space is a sacred home for all of us."

Julie V. (she/hers)


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