How To Start an End-of-Month Reflection Practice

Reflection is a gift that allows us to cultivate presence, celebrate our progress, and live with intention. A powerful self-care practice, reflection can be incorporated into our lives in many ways. One of my favorite reflection rituals takes place at the end of every month. It's sacred time that I prioritize because it helps me live + lead with my whole self. Try it out if you're looking for a way to start or deepen your current journaling practice.

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Enjoy the practice.



For this practice, find a quiet, comfortable space in your home where you can be alone for around 30 minutes (easier said than done, I know!). Make sure your space is clean and free of clutter. Add any elements that help you feel cozy and supported - a cup of tea, crystals, plants, candles, incense, etc. I usually always have a blanket, candle, and hot beverage. Pick your favorite playlist to vibe to (if you're on Spotify, check out Journaling Vibes by Manifest House!)


Next, gather any items that you've used to reflect or track your progress throughout the past month. This could be journals, planners, personal notes on your phone, etc. If you don't have anything, that's ok! All the answers are within you, these can just be helpful tools to jog your memory.